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LCD Digital Tire Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Tester For Car Motorcycle 150 PSI

Get one for your car, truck,atv and bike. Will make a great gift!

Description: Our Digital Tire Gauge gives you an instant, accurate and easy-to-read measurement of your vehicle's tire pressure, helping you travel safely. It can be used in both daytime and night, as it designs with the blue LCD back light. A simple pushbutton turns the unit on and selects one of 4 measurement ranges. The lighted nozzle illuminates work area in low light, so you can easily locate valve stem. With gentle pressure, the nozzle seals onto valve stem quickly and completely to deliver an accurate measurement. Instantly, the exact measurement is clearly displayed on the lighted digital screen, so there is no guesswork or estimation like reading an analog gauge. After you are done, a 30-second automatic shut off means you never have to worry about accidently running out of the batteries. Contoured to fit your hand, the ergonomic shape is completed by a soft, non-slip texture, for ultimate comfort and control. Check your tire pressure regularly. Properly inflated tires keep you safe on the road and help you save on gas. Store this handy tool in your glovebox or console, so it's always ready when you need it. Features: 100% brand new and high quality Lighted nozzle and display screen for ultimate visibility in low light or at night Digital display instantly and clearly shows exact reading, eliminating the guesswork of analog gauges Nozzle seals to valve stem for quick and accurate measurements Simple pushbutton control turns unit on and selects the desired range Automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to save battery life Ergonomic design comfortably fits hand and features a soft, non-slip surface for sure grip How to operate the digital tire gauge: 1. Press switch and select PSI or BAR setting with LCD back light for easy use at night. 2. Place the nozzle of the gauge over the tire valve. Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevent air escaping. 3. Hold gauge on the valve until the LCD display locks. 4. Remove the gauge quickly from the valve and read pressure. 5. Gauge will automatically shut off 30 seconds after use. 6. Gauge can be manually turned off by holding the switch down for more than 3 seconds. Specifications: Four Measurement Ranges: PSI: 0-150, Bar,KPA,Kgf/cm2 Minimum Increment: 0.5 PSI Power Source: one CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell & three LR44 1.5V Button Cells (All Included) Package including: Digital tire gauge * 1pc (batteries included)

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