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Flexible Torch Telescopic 3 LED Magnetic Pick Up Tool Light Flashlight

Led light and magnet lets you see what your trying to pick up!


This Flexible Torch is an absolutely brilliant idea, ingenious design that's ultimately practical and useful.
It is a torch at the same time it is a magnet, it is hands free, it is short to fit your pocket and it is 56.5cm long extended,
Powerful and power efficient, it is sturdy and it is flexible.
The head of the torch has an integrated magnet.
The powerful magnets can lift objects weighing up to 1kg.
The torch is just 16.5cm long so you can easily fit it into your bag, glove compartment, suitcase, backpack or pocket
It is telescopic and can be extended up to an impressive 56.5cm; giving you this extra (life saving) reach when your keys fall through a grid into a sewer or you need to reach deep under your heavy sofa.
The head of the lamp has a bending neck with 360° flexibility so you can light up awkward, cramped, hard-to-reach areas and also you can reach with it like with a hook shaped tool.
The flexible torch has got a hard wearing aluminum casing that's virtually indestructible.

Extends up to 56.5cm
360°flexible head
Magnetized head
3 Powerful LED light
Power saving LED technology
Can lift up to 1kg
Retrieve items from confined spaces
Flexible head can be wrapped around or hooked on to objects
Hard wearing aluminum case
Requires 4 x LR44 batteries (included)

1 x Telescopic Flexible 3 LED Torch Flashlight Magnetic Pick Up Tool Lamp Light

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