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3 inch Exhaust Control Valve Electric Exhaust Cutout Manual Toggle Switch Control Kit

About this item
Vacuum pump Valve: Heat proof,water proof.Service life is longer,Rotate speed faster than butterfly Motor,sound shut down and up in a short time.
Pipings -Fit for 3 inch exhaust pipe. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel for Strength and Durability
Please check your car chassis has enough for installing the device.
Professional Installation is Highly Recommended
Size: 3" Electric Exhaust Cutout Kit

Electrically Controlled Exhaust Valves Outflow.
Can Be Opened And Closed From Inside The Car With The Flip Of A Switch.
Control The Volume And You Control The Flow.
Pipings are Made Of High Quality& Light Weight Stainless Steel.
Electric Cutout Is Made Of High Qliaty & Light Weight CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
Weather proof wiring harnesses
High torque electric gear motor specifically manufactured to withstand high temperature and high vibration environment

Package Includes:

1 x CNC Aluminum Electric Exhaust Cutout.
1 x Stainless Steel Y-Adapter (11 INCHES IN LENGTH)
1 x Stainless Steel 45 Degree Pipe.
1 x Wire Harness.
1 x Power Switch.
1 x receiver
1 x Stainless Steel Dump With Gasket

7. Frequently asked questions and solutions:

Q1: when you press 'ON' or 'OFF',the exhaust cutout doesn't work or the control box doesn't make a sound.
1.Power supply error. To check whether the lamp is light. Correct power is DC 12V.
2.The battery of remote controller is low.If the light is flashing or dark, you need to replace the battery.
3.The control line kit is bad, please contact to seller to change it.
Q2: when you press 'ON' or 'OFF',the control box can make a sound, you also can hear the motor is working , but cutout can't fully open or fully close.
1.The motor gear is bad, please contact to seller to change it.
Q3: when you press 'ON' or 'OFF', you find the cutout can open but can't close or it can close but can't open. Or you find only one relay can make a sound.
1.The battery of remote controller is low

To avoid the locked-rotor of motor, please don't hold on the button long time. Frequently locked-rotor will affect the life of motor gear. It is only need 2-3 seconds to fully open or fully closed.

Shipping from Manufacturer, estimated delivery time of 45-60 days.
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